Daily Boarding Routine:

Hello. Thank you for finding our website/kennels. Please have a good look around. We are a dog only boarding kennels. Your dog will be walked at sunrise and sunset individually every day for 30 minutes each time. We also allow friendly dogs to socialise on the grass area throughout the day, at your request.

If you prefer to supply your dogs food, this is fine, however we supply Hills Science Plan recommended by the veterinarian and also other brands for your dog's best interest. 

We go to the beach every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, for a 1 hour walk were we can take photographs of your dog enjoying the coastline. We find that our beach walk really benefits dogs who board with us because they feel more at home and develop a bond with us. Pets also relax afterwards. You do not have to board with us to take advantage of our beach walk. 

We also offer day care sessions for owners who are out all day, where your dog will be included in our daily routine and walked twice a day along with the other dogs. Day care is £15 each day and there is an additional discount for extra days included. 

The price of boarding (£15) includes two daily walks, bedding supplies and inc VAT. All dogs have to be collected by 11am on pick-up day or there will be a charge of £10. You  can also pick pets up before 5pm for a £10 charge. 

Christmas eve, Christmas day, Boxing day, New Years eve, New Years day. Easter Sunday and all bank holidays boarding, we charge double rate. 

Regions we cover for dog walking

Aintree, Maghull, Melling, Lydiate, Litherland, Seaforth, Crosby, Netherton, Norris Green,